Insolvency, Receivership Liquidation

We have a team who assists companies in financial difficulty or trying to ward off insolvency.  Our main area of services includes the following:

  • Advice on corporate restructure
  • De-registration and striking off of dormant and inactive companies
  • Acting as liquidators, managers and receivers in court appointed winded up cases
  • Acting as managers and receivers in dispute and dissolution cases
  • Advice to corporations seeking to rationalise subsidiaries and achieve economies of administration
  • Formal receivership and liquidation services under the Companies Act 1965
  • Investigatory accounting services for entities experiencing cash flow and debt recovery issues
  • Investigations on behalf of banks or other financiers to assess the adequacy of assets held as security, the viability of borrowers, and advising on the specific courses of action
  • Acting as receivers by appointment by financial institutions and secured creditors
  • Investigation into financial affairs of the troubled companies
  • Members voluntary liquidation
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